Cathy In Real Life

Victorian Courting and Zombies

Written, produced, & starring Susan Sassi


Cathy in Real Life is a live action parody of the classic Cathy comic strip.

After 34 years in the Sunday Funnies, Cathy's cartoon is canceled for being outdated and offensive towards women. Andrea and Charlene want to help Cathy get her comic strip back by doing the impossible: making her a feminist.




Written, produced, & starring Susan Sassi


Set in the Regency Period, the hapless and ill-fated Funktard sisters have been left destitute and must marry off Elizabeth to a wealthy suitor. If only one of the suitors could look past the sisters’ facial defects, extra limbs, and miniscule dowry and like them for their brains.


Their luck may turn around when Mr. Blubberbutt invites them to one of his famous balls and introduces them to an interesting fellow with a limp, a grunt, and an appetite for flesh.

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